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The name Ornithopter was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s design for a flying machine. Designed centuries ahead of it’s time, the Ornithopter became a symbol for our vision as artists of all walks of life.

Issue I Comic: Book Issue
Cover: Chiara Caballero
Featuring Jerrry Ma, Wade Smalling, Miko, and Ruben Moreno

Out of Print


Issue II: Fall Issue
Cover: Chiara Caballero
Featuring Wade Smalling and Miko
Literary: Chiara Caballero

Out of Print


Issue III: Winter Issue
Cover: Miko
One of the darkest of the issues, issue III sports a raw design style with traditional cut & paste layout for the experiment of it.
Features: Juda Tverski, Miko, Janice Hayhoe, Wade Smalling
Literary: Jason Caballero, Scott Van, and Clari “Two Feather” Weaver

Details: Black and white interior with color gloss cover

Only a few available, order Issue III for $5 plus shipping




Ornithopter Quarterly issues are limited editions with print runs of 300 or less. Once they’re gone, that’s it. In the future, there may be a chance for reprints but probably not. We’re always improving the content and quality, so we like to keep moving onward.





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