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First Annual o2: Illustration and Comics

Cover and Special Guest: Greg Spalenka
Ornithopters first fine art annual is proud to have Greg Spalenka as our special guest along with other great artists and illustrators. Ornithopter Annual 02 spans from August 2002 to July 2003 and is the first of the Ornithopters to be professionally printed. It includes the work of Rick Berry, Henrik Drescher, Brad Weinman, Michele Gold, Scott E. Anderson, Michelle Barnes, Roxana Villa, Dana Collins, Miran Kim, Rocket Mortenson, Dan Cram Olsen, Rob Jacobs, Lark Pien, Miko, and Chiara Caballero.
2000 printed

Details: The annual edition of Ornithopter is 52 pages, saddle stitched on a high quality 'satin' paper. It has black and white interior pages with a color cover. It is a standard 8.5x11 finished size.
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Issue IV: Fine Art/Gallery Edition
Cover and main feature: Peat Shaulis
This is the first quarterly to be made up of exclusive artist interviews and biographies. It reads like a museum with gallery after gallery of artist showcases.

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Interviews with Peat Shaulis, David Aguilera, DELONE, and Christina Wold
Also showcasing the work of Mary Kreuziger and Jef Hamby
Cameo appearances by Miko, Chiara Caballero, and Wade Smalling

Details: Black and white interior with color gloss cover
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Up coming Ornithopter Quarterly Issue V: Collaborative Effort

Cover and main features: Scott E. Anderson and Sterling Hundley including an interview with both illustrators.
This issue will have Ornithopters first music review/interview and will include a CD by Tucson group the Sheltering Sky. (Musical features are not a regular occurrence here so relish it!) The majority of the work in this issue is a mix of collaborations with more than one person working together.
Fine artist collaborators include Jeff Benham, Adam Cooper, and Peat Shaulis
Short stories by Rocket Mortenson and Thomax

2002 8 Eye Press/Curtiss Digital

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